Mary and Eve


My dear Eve – temptation grabbed your heart and deceit seemed truthful in a moment. Shame fell upon your shoulders and rushed into your heart like the flood that overwhelmed the Earth. Even though you saw the face of God, Jesus and Spirit all in one you couldn’t help but eat of wrong doing.

You walked with this God who is 3 in 1. You walked with him in the knowledge that he truly created you. Doubt did not exist in that garden. Only trueness and faith were present in every step with Jesus.

But for some reason when you ate, my dear Eve, you allowed shame to be stronger than confidence. You allowed lies to settle in deeper than the truth. In that moment doubt was stronger than your very vision of Jesus standing physically before you.

Yet Jesus still sought you and clothed you – I can imagine the pain in his heart as he disciplined his children and placed the curse of humanity upon your shoulders, represented by the animal skins.

“It must be done, I am a God of my very Word, but redemption will come!”

Oh and Eve, redemption came! A gift so undeserving of the attention of my eyes but at the same time worthy of all my attention. Mary came and was moulded so beautifully by the God you saw face to face. She was the clay, he was the potter and he placed a treasure inside of her.

He came into being in her womb – a place of comfort and growth. Her belly represented the quiet but bold entrance of redemption into this world. She carried comfort in her belly, she carried gentleness and kindness in her womb. The complete expression of God’s love and grace for us was to be revealed through one life – a life complete in humanity and complete in godliness.

Dearest Eve – don’t hold onto your sin, let it fall to the floor. Don’t condemn yourself, for condemnation comes from the one who wraps himself around you so tightly that you cannot breath. Redemption has crushed the head of him who wraps himself around you. For grace has come to uphold you and not to condemn and crush you.

In him your refuge from shame lies – his face I cannot see but I can feel his expression of love through your downfall and the redemption of his Son coming through Mary.

His life served many purposes but his death served the biggest and most important purpose. Redemption – “It is finished” through the death of Christ and the awakening of his Spirit through his ascension.


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