Come away with me


Israel, my old love whom I have never stopped loving. I have been constant and good through the ages – now rise and plant your feet upon this rock on which your faith is found. Declare my faithfulness through the generations and do not be ashamed of the gospel.

Come away with me my lovely bride – leave your past behind you. Look onward and into my eyes, there you will see freedom, you will see hope, you will see your future found in me. Look upon me and know that you are loved by me, the evidence of this love for you is found in my eyes.

Love, love and more love. I will build you up again, so put down your sword and pick up your tambourine. Rejoice for I have rejoiced over you, sing for I am singing my song of love over you constantly. Go back to what you loved at first – me. Plant your vineyards, plant your trees that will yield fruit in its season and enjoy its harvest.

You will have delight because I have loved you. I have redeemed your past and I will continue to redeem your past, so don’t look back. Condemnation comes from looking into your past but conviction and right-standing follows a vision of your future.

Taste and see that I am good – come taste and see that my love will endure through all the days of your life. You are my beloved and I am yours, so come into my garden and I will take delight in you .




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