Build UP

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Build up the wall of Jerusalem around my heart and my mind.

Build up, build up. Time is short and the enemy’s camp is growing strong. Your gates have been burned and your walls broken down.

Step by step and very discreetly foreigners have riddled this heart and mind of yours – they have taken that which does not belong to them. They have made their way through the streets of Jerusalem making house on every corner, breaking tradition and building up a different culture.

Once your Kingdom culture was a sight to be seen, it was such a sight because it was not you that was seen but rather the Kingdom in you. I now see you – don’t rejoice at that statement. I know your heart’s desire is to be seen through the veil of Jesus Christ – through the wall of Jerusalem. But sadly, you have been revealed as one who stands alone – one who takes on that which clings so deeply to your heart.

So like Nehemiah, when you hear of this destruction to the walls around your mind and heart will you weep? Will you mourn and fast for strength and direction?

Why are you afraid? Why is your comfort found beneath the rubble of your heart, beneath the torment of your mind? No more hiding below, no more crawling in shame, and no more concealing your light. Rise up, build up, and shine out!

Deut 31:8 “The Lord goes before you, he will be with you. He will not fail you or forsake you. Do not fear or be dismayed.”

All the promises of the Lord are YES and AMEN.

As though time were not relevant 2 men stand before us suddenly, mocking us and questioning our faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. “You defile the king,” they say. “You rebel against the ruler of this world, this wall that you are trying to build will not succeed in keeping the enemy out. You have nothing but rubbish to rebuild your sanctuary, you have nothing but burned bricks from the kings fiery arrows, if a fox goes up on your wall he will break it down” they jeered again.

Stand up, look up, and walk straight. The building up of this wall will not fail, neither will the one who is building with us fail. From this day forth you will put on the armour of God each day, the helmet of salvation, the breastplate of righteousness, the belt of truth, and the sandals of the gospel of peace, the sword of the mighty Spirit and the shield of this glorious faith!

You will strap your sword to your side as you work, it will be a burden but so too will it be for a glorious cause. Our hands may be callused from the bricks of rebuilding but our arms will be strengthened from the shield and the sword.

Soon this wall will be built up and our hands will be lifted and with our voices being raised we will praise our God for his goodness. In faith we will believe that this wall stands before our eyes, high and lifted for all to see.

My God, refill this heart and mind with the inhabitants that were settled here at first. Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Humility, Self-control, Faithfulness and Gentleness.


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