Well, I’ve been wanting to blog for ages and here I am!

I am Ashley Stock and I am newly married to my amazing husband Nicholas. We live all the way out in Walkerville in Gauteng. (You can basically say that we are plot-people…)

So here are a few facts about me:

  • I love photography and words! Give me a poetic, mysterious and in-depth sentence and I’ve got goose bumps! … (Strange I know) But I enjoy challenging my thoughts and views on certain topics.
  • I find the bible fascinating. The rich history of Israel and the Jews fascinates me.
  •  I am on a journey finding out who Jesus really is – and isn’t that an adventure! The more I think I know him, they more he reveals how big he is to comprehend! He challenges my thoughts, my beliefs, my religious mind, and my sometimes-hard heart.
  • I am on a very long, very tough and very narrow path. Often I doubt, often I forget and often I fall and fail. But this path has the constant presence of my Lover, my Saviour and my Friend. So worth it!
  • I love food! (Who doesn’t?!)
  • I absolutely adore my husband. Thank you Jesus for sending this man! He balances me – I’m too emotional, he is too logical. I’m too funny, he laughs a lot… Ha! We are so making this marriage thing work.



Just a heads up: The writings I am going to post may be “too deep” for some but understand that these words are words of process and struggle. These are the struggles of my thoughts and the processes of my heart. The out come is plainly what God desires it to be.